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🎄✨Merry Christmas🎄✨




It’s the thought that counts:It doesn’t matter how little a gift costs, what is important is the feeling/thoughtfulness that the giver is expressing.(そこまで考えてくれたことが大切)

*Used for saying that caring about someone is more important than spending a lot of money on them.

Olivia: So what did your boyfriend buy you for Christmas?
Haruna: He made me a mixtape.
Olivia: What? He didn’t buy you anything?

Haruna: No but the mixtape has songs that reminds him of when he met me. It’s really romantic and it’s the thought that counts, not how much he spent!

Olivia: That’s true…

Cheapskate: A person who doesn’t like to spend money.(ケチな人)

When we go out, I always have to pay for everything. He is such a cheapskate!

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