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Good morning everyone!

How was your holiday?

We are waiting for you to share your  awesome Oshogatsu stories with us, please!


*A piece of cake :朝飯前

Haruka : I expected the English test to be difficult but it was a piece of cake.

*Have a sweet tooth :甘党

Ken:I definitely have a sweet tooth. I can never walk past a cake shop and not stop to buy myself a slice of chocolate cake.


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  1. MItsu MItsu

    Are “It is a picnic “ and “It is a piece of cake” the same meaning?


      Thanks for your comment!
      Actually, I wasn’t sure about the idiom with “picnic” and asked some teachers. They said, both of the idioms can be the same meaning, but they have never heard someone used it, saying “ you can maybe find it in books?” So, it might be a bit old. But, sure, they are the same meaning.
      One of our teachers told me there were other options. One of them is “it’s a walk in the park.”
      Good question. Let’s keep at it 🙂