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From Sarah!

Hi I’m Sarah and I’m from New Zealand. I work at the Shinjuku branch and I am writing to tell you about my hometown.

I am from a tiny coastal town on the east coast of the north island. The name of my town is Waihi beach.

There are only 1773 people living in Waihi beach but that number grows to 16,000+ during the summer vacation because many city people own holiday homes there!

I could enjoy a very relaxed childhood because it is a very safe place. My friends and I were able to go to the beach or into the forest alone without worry. There is not a lot to do but we have a beautiful 10km long beach and fern forests.

In Waihi beach we only have about 10 shops. There is a petrol station, a bakery, 2 small convenience stores (we don’t even have a supermarket), a pharmacy, a liquor store, a cafe, a pub, a second hand shop, and a small post office. If you want to use a bank you have to drive to the next town!

I don’t think I could live there again since I have now experienced the convenience of Tokyo however I do miss the beautiful nature and of course my family!

I hope you could enjoy this blog post and learn a little bit more about my background and where I come from!




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  1. Teruo Teruo

    Are u from country’s area aren’t u ?
    My mom s hometown Inami town at Wakayama pref.
    Is similar place. No bank, no school, no combinientshop,and no young people .
    But I like there because there are many natural animals



      It’s so inconvenient! If you plan to visit please prepare all of your items before coming because otherwise you cant get it!
      In New Zealand we don’t have many native animals only birds. From my mother’s garden we can sometimes see Kererū and Tui. They are very special birds for us and they are a little bit rare.
      I hope I can visit Inami someday!

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