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Yuichi here

Hello wonderful people.

Yuichi here. 

For those of you who don’t know me, “I am awesome”.


Ask around.


How can YOU be awesome? 


Here is how.


“ What’s new?” – This is a phrase you will hear time and time again at the start of your lessons and you as a student should come to school prepared to answer this question.

It doesn’t mean you have to talk about something new that you recently purchased but just update the teacher on what’s been going on since you last had a lesson together.

I recently came across a wonderful student who we will call Makosama.

Makosama invests a lot of her time preparing for this.

First, she writes a diary while looking up necessary new words or expressions, then sends it to Globe for proofreading, which isn’t such a big deal but what she does next is just mind-blowing. She copy-pastes everything on to Google translate not for translation but for listening.

Google translate has a function that reads out the whole article, which helps her to pronounce new words correctly.



She listens, memorizes the paragraph and tries to present it in the same duration it takes Google.

“It took me three minutes to present this while google took only a minute”

Yes, Makosama is hard on herself but I think even the three minutes was still a great speed.


So for those of you who come to school with conversation killers, saying they have nothing new or any topics to talk about should definitely try to do this for your and your teachers’ sake.

One “DONT” is don’t use google translate to translate Japanese sentences into English directly because it will come out very unnatural and you will have another “Sakai-muscle” problem on your hands.


Till next time レッツラenjoy studying English.

Yuichi (^ ^)

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