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Don’t be late!!

Hi everyone I hope you and your families are OK after our recent typhoon.

I’m sure you all read Carl’s blog last week telling us interesting things about Halloween...

What is Ghosts’ Favourite Dessert?


and it’s origins and I’m also sure it has put you in the mood for a good ?Halloween party?, well you are in luck!


On Saturday October 26th at 7 o’clock, at Jeudi cafe

Globe is holding a ?Halloween party?.


Not only is it going to be great fun but the party it’s self can be a very good tool for English study.

It is an excellent chance to take the English you learn in class and use it in a real world situation, in a relaxed and enjoyable environment with teachers you know and other students who share your interest in English and are also looking to put what they have learnt into practice.

So, don’t miss this excellent opportunity to study and have fun doing it.

you will also get the chance to play some spooky pictionairy!

See you there!


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