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へ〜 moment

What’s up wonderful people “Awesome” here and “NO” I don’t look like 松島幸太郎.

If anything HE looks like ME.

So being bilingual, students come up to me and ask how certain words are said in English. Most of the time the students are surprised at how easy it is.

One of the most recent ones was.

Student: How do you say にわかファン in English?

Me: Ummm….. “ I am only interested in Rugby now because of the World Cup ”


Student: え〜? そんな簡単のんで良いの?もうちょっと違う言い方無い?

Me: Googling. ……..   “Bandwagon jumper” “Hanger-on”  “Fair-weather fan”

Me: へ〜〜〜〜 知らんかったし使った事も無い。and will probably never use them.

I know the expression  “Jump on the bandwagon” which means follow the trend and is often used, but not Bandwagon jumper.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t be too hung up on trying to directly translate your Japanese into English because it might become very unnatural to native English speakers. You are studying English to communicate with foreigners, not show off your vocabulary knowledge.

Until next time レッツラnot jump on the tapioca wagon.

Yuichi.  (^ ^)
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