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A Foreigners Retrospective Guide for Anime and Gaming

Hi Everyone It’s Aidan Here,

People ask me all the time why I came to Japan. I think it’s such a common question to ask foreigners who live in Japan along with the “where are you from?” question, but it’s one of the best ways to get the conversation flowing.

For many foreigners, the answers to the question are the same common reasons: Family, Relationships, Anime, Studying, and etc. When I was applying for my Japanese Visa, I was informed that when giving reasons as to why you came to Japan refrain from stating the obvious, my Japanese teacher told students the same thing in class. In reality, these answers to questions are the truth.

Since I was a young boy, I’ve always loved Anime and Gaming, It was what first intrigued my interests and the reason I wanted to fly hundreds of miles across the ocean to visit Japan.

At the age of 6 my Grandfather bought me my first Gameboy, my Father followed this up and bought me my first Playstation. Since way back then, I starting getting curious about the companies Nintendo and Sony who developed these consoles.

Many of those who know me don’t know that I have a hidden passion for gaming. So I thought in this blog, I’d give my list of some of the best Games and Anime I’ve ever played and watched retrospectively.



Do you remember the Playstation 2 console? When Sony upgraded the original Playstation, the game Black a first-person shooter game was one that broke the limits, making it one of the best and most challenging games to play. To this date, the Sony Playstation 2 is one of the best selling consoles of the Sony brand. This was the kind of game that made Mom’s all over the world think that gaming is bad for their children.

The Last of Us

A good story is something that makes the game, fans need to be captivated. The last of us does exactly this, it tells the story of a Zombie apocalypse takeover. There was a point in time when Zombie movies had become so trendy, and Sony embraced this by creating their very own game.


Pokemon Red, Blue and Leaf Green

I remember in Primary school when I saw one of my friends playing Pokemon on his Gameboy, I too wanted to play it so badly. We organized a sleepover at his place, made a fortress and pulled an all-nighter together, one of my best childhood memories that I’ll never forget.

When that starter Pokemon of mine Bulbasaur evolved into its final stage Venusaur at that tender young age. It was such an achievement.

Over the years, just like many others, I’ve been a Pokemon fan at heart.

I’ve secretly always wanted to have my own Pokemon who knows maybe in a few years this will become a reality.



Shonen Jump, Crunchy Roll, Toei Animation – many foreigners have learnt of these brands through their love for Anime.

1. One Piece

One of the best Manga and Anime of all time which is still ongoing today. The Manga Artist Echiro Oda is adored by fans worldwide. When will it finish? Only the Manga Artist himself knows but I look forward to the day when we found out the mystery behind what the One Piece really is. If you’re a fan of Pirates and Adventure, I highly recommend you to start watching the Anime.

2. Naruto

I use to spend my University days watching Naruto instead of studying. Though the story of the gutsy Ninja didn’t help me to pass University. It taught me a very important and very valuable life lesson which is to never give up. Sometimes when I go to Karaoke, I randomly attempt a song from the anime failing in the end of course.



3. Bleach

My friends from high school used to love watching this anime. In the beginning I wasn’t the least bit interested but then one rainy afternoon I decided to give it a try and was hooked ever since. I learned about the world of Shinigami through this anime.





4. Dragon Ball

In my day (not that I’m so old) Primary school life was not complete if you didn’t watch the Dragon Ball series. The adventures of Goku and his friends were something widely spoken about every day before, during and after school. It was part of life.







5. Boku no Hero Academia

If Superman is regarded as the American fictional Hero, then All might can be regarded as the Japanese Fictional Hero. Another Anime which inspires us to give our all, that we all have a hero living inside of us.








That’s it from my side please share your comments with us below and let us know what games you’ve played and what Anime you’ve watched in your childhood days, we’d love to hear your stories.

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  1. Keiko Keiko

    As I watched in my childhood and teenager, my children are still preferably watching Doraemon, Detective Conan (Case Closed in English title) and Ghibli’s animations !


      Hi Keiko, Thank you for your comment. Yes, I agree with you. These are fantastic animations for children to watch. Hopefully one day I can show these animations to my children.