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Let’s save the planet together!

Good morning! 東京エリアのタケシです。



Let’s save the planet together!

In wake of the horrible bushfires in Australia many people are feeling helpless and wondering how can we help? Besides making donations which not everyone can, there are many simple ways we can help.
One of the biggest reasons why the fires have been so bad is because of global warming. This is a problem that many governments are doing nothing about. It’s such a huge problem for us and future generations. I have made a list of simple every day ways that can help reduce waste. They are small actions but if everyone can make an effort to make small changes, it will become a big change.


1, Recycling. By making sure all of our pet bottles, cans, glass etc are properly recycled we can reduce carbon emissions and plastic entering the environment. 


 2, Reusing. Some Japanese people don’t like used products which I can understand. If it’s ok for you to use them I recommend buying used goods instead of new when possible, or donating your used goods to charities so it can be used by another person. 


3, Refusing single-use plastic. The use of single-use plastic is very common in Japan. These items which include chop sticks, plastic bags, plastic bento boxes and coffee cups, are used once and then end up in landfill or burnt. These items cannot be recycled so refusing them is the best way. Carrying a reusable shopping bag,  using a washable coffee cup, making your own bento, carrying washable chop sticks are great ways to really reduce your waste. 


These are just a few things we can all do to help the Earth and our environment. Its so easy! So take the steps needed and lets do our best together!


Thank you for reading!


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