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Around the GLOBE

“Around the GLOBE Episode 1 – Dare to Dream
~Part 1~


In this blog were going to relive and share stories from our adventures abroad, well be discussing the best places to visit, the best food to eat and the best places to see.


The Beginning

It was never a plan of mine to become a Cabin Attendant but rather a blessing that was bestowed upon me, a great opportunity and an experience of a lifetime.

Aidan, how many countries have you been to? This is a question that I always seem to get asked. My answer is usually the same:

I dont know exactly how many countries Ive been to because the truth is Ive lost count along the way.

For me, it all started in Doha, The state of Qatar. An oil abundant country located in the middle east in the Arabian Gulf. Doha has developed rapidly in such a short period into one of the most prosperous countries in the world. To be quite honest I didnt know much about the country before I moved there but during my 4 Years there I experienced Arabian Nights and Arabian days”



One of the most beautiful places to see in Qatar which encapsulates Dohas beauty is a place known as Dohas Skyline. This amazing view can be seen from a few places:

  • The corniche near Costa coffee, corniche” is a type of walking path near the coast and Costa coffee is a popular British coffeehouse chain, Starbuckss competition.
  • Nobu Doha, the best Japanese cuisine in Qatar but for a hefty price.
  • The museum of Islamic Art, dont worry entrance to the museum is free. Enjoy either a day or night walk around the museum or you can simply just hire a Dhow – traditional sailing boat in the middle East. with a guide who will take you around.


Souq Waqif



A must experience place is a traditional Arabian style market called Souq Waqif Souq in Arabic means market, walking around the Souq youll find traditional food, clothing, spices even animals. Anything you want or need youll certainly find it here. In Souq, youll see a lot of people including locals, and tourists smoking Shisha.  If youre lucky youll get to see a special parade that happens during special holidays or seasonal events.






The Souq is packed with several restaurants that offer various types of cuisines. My utmost favorite is a traditional Egyptian restaurant called Layali Al-Qahira. My friend and I once went and we were hooked, we just couldnt resist to keep on going back.





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