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What’s a home?

Hey guys! This is your friendly neighborhood nomad back with another blog.
I got asked an interesting question the other day. After I talked about my lengthy background – where I lived and so on – a person asked me this:

“Which out of those countries would you say feels like your home?”

I said “Japan” and he laughed and asked, surprised: “Why? How does japan feel like home to you?”

Why? Why indeed. The question stunned me a little because I had never thought about it properly. Why does Japan feel like home? What makes a “home”?

All these questions went through my head. I’ve lived in many great places where the food was great, I had many friends and life was easy. So what makes japan so special?

I think, at the end of the day, every nomad eventually gets tired of carrying their suitcase around and just wants to settle down somewhere. Wherever that is depends on the person.
For me, as a creative person, living in the country that has been inspiring me for years seemed like a great option. Inspiration fuels creativity which brings color to this world.
I have an emotional connection with this country. Living here is emotionally and perhaps even spiritually easy as I firmly know my place in this culture.

I’m curious though; what makes you feel at home? Family, culture, language? Or something else?



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