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Hello everyone! As some of you may know I spent 6 years living in Melbourne in Australia (Some people think I’m Australian but I’m actually a kiwi!) Many people ask me for recommendations about what to do there so I thought I would take the time to write this blog! In my opinion the best time to visit is November or March! These months are mild so it makes for comfortable travel!


1 Queen Victoria Market

No trip to Melbourne would be complete without a visit to Queen Vic’s. Open from 6am to 3pm, Tuesday to Sunday, this market has everything! Souvenir’s, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood, cafes, Italian deli food, there is something for everyone to enjoy! My favorite stalls are Market Lane coffee and the Borek shop. Boreks are a Turkish bread pie. They are too delicious!


2 NGV National Gallery Victoria

NGV is the National Art Gallery of Victoria. It homes approximately 75,000 bodies of work. They have Australian and indigenous Australian art, contemporary art, sculptures, photography, fashion and textiles, basically everything! In the summer months NGV holds a series of evening events with live music from local artists. If you happen to be in town during this time, I strongly recommend it!


3 Picnic in Carlton Gardens

Carlton Gardens are located north of the Melbourne CBD near Fitzroy. This park has many happy memories for me. On summer evenings many people gather there to relax on blankets and eat food together. There is actually an alcohol ban, but it doesn’t stop people from enjoying a drink there!



4 Blackrock beach

Black rock beach is a local secret! It is located 18kms from the city (so a car is the best way to get there) but it’s totally worth it! The inner city beaches aren’t as nice. The sand is a golden color and the sea is so clean. There is a fish and chip shop too so when you get hungry you can enjoy Aussie fish and chips. There is also a shipwreck which people like to swim out to and dive off! If you can’t make it to Black rock my other recommendation would be St Kilda beach. It’s very near the city with easy access by tram.



5 Café hopping in the city

Melbourne has a strong coffee culture and we have what I believe to be some of the best coffee shops in the world! I recommend; Higher ground, Manchester press, Brother Baba Budan, and Traveller Coffee! (all located in the CBD)





Thank you for reading my blog. Please don’t hesitate to ask me for recommendations for Melbourne!




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  1. Masaki Masaki

    Thanks for sharing us a lot of your information!
    I’m reminded of my three-week stay in Noosa, which is my only experience overseas in lifetime😌
    When this tough time is gone, I would definitely visit Australia!
    (One of) Your best student(s), Masaki