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Slang from New Zealand

This week I have decided to write a blog about slang from New Zealand.

People always use in in casual conversation and also sometimes in business. I decided to share some of the more popular ones and give some examples sentences so hopefully you can try to use them at some point!

Arvo – afternoon

What are you doing this arvo?

Would you like to meet up tomorrow arvo?


Barbie – barbecue

We are having a barbie tonight, wanna come?

What should we bring to the barbie?


Chocka – full, overflowing

The train was chocka this morning.

Shibuya is always chocka.


Dodgy – bad, unreliable, not good

Kabukicho is a bit dodgy, I try not to go there.

You have to be careful on the internet there are dodgy people trying to do scams.


Down the gurgler – failed plan

The olympics are down the gurgler because of the virus.

My travel plans are down the gurgler.


Hard yakka – hard work

I’ve been putting in a lot of hard yakka studying for my exams.

Losing weight is hard yakka, you’ve got to exercise a lot.


How’s it going mate? – kiwi greeting.

We say it instead of hello! It’s sometimes a bit confusing for students but thats all it means!


Ta – thanks.

A : Here’s your cup of tea.

B : Ta!


Wop-wops – The country side.

My family lives in the wop wops.


I hope you enjoyed this blog and could learn some new slang. Cheers for reading!



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