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The State of Florida

Hello everyone,


Have you ever daydreamed about that perfect U.S. vacation?


Did you have a difficult time deciding where to go?

Well, look no further! As a U.S. citizen and native resident of the state of Florida (The Sunshine State) I have the perfect recommendations for you.


Whether you are traveling alone or with family it’s a great place to enjoy many kinds of entertainment and overall just experience a true paradise of a vacation.


There is an endless amount of Floridian culture; such as Nascar (Daytona 500),

Beach life(Clearwater Florida), theme park life (Disneyworld/Universal Studios/SeaWorld) delicious foods from traditional american steakhouses or spice it up with some spanish cuisines or caribbean, you can’t go wrong.


Florida is literally a melting pot! Many cultures, many languages and Sunshine all year long! Maybe I’m leaving a few things out, because there is too much to explain, it’s better to see with your eyes.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words so please research these places in your free time and book your next extravagant vacation to Florida USA. Specifically my hometown city Orlando 😉 and if you have extra time stop by Miami, you wont regret it.


Stephen Gamble

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