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Hello GLOBE  Family,

I want to give you a travel recommendation today.

Maybe you have traveled here before or maybe you have never thought about going here because the other city is so popular. I’m talking about BUSAN in South Korea.


It’s like the OSAKA of Korea in my opinion, if we are comparing Tokyo to Osaka,  SEOUL to BUSAN is like that.

You can take the express train from Seoul Station and get to BUSAN station (It’s like a Shinkansen.)


It’s more humid in Busan because it’s near the coast and there are many beautiful beaches and delicious seafood and historical culture and much more you can experience.

I believe you can fly there directly from Tokyo to BUSAN INTL airport which is small , but very nice airport to buy duty free items and souvenirs.

It’s also unbelievable how cheap taxis are there. I can’t wait to visit there again, once this pandemic is over.

I hope you consider traveling there too if you haven’t been there already.





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