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Awesome Animals – Nathan

Hi Everyone!


This is Nate with my first Globe Blog post ever!

Maybe some of you have met me before, so you know I love talking about cool and fascinating animals. I recently had a chance to visit some different zoos and cafes that have one of my favorite types of animal… Birds of prey.


What are birds of prey? You might be asking yourself so I’ll tell you a bit about them. Birds of prey are birds that can hunt and usually eat meat or fish. They also usually have talons (long sharp claws for grabbing onto what they are hunting) and curved beaks. Some examples of birds of prey include: Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Owls, Vultures, Kestrels, and Ospreys.


You can see which type of bird it is by the different shapes of their wings. These birds have some of the best abilities of any animal. All of them are well known for their incredible eyesight and hearing but there are even more amazing facts about them. For example the fastest animal in the world is actually the peregrine falcon which can go up to 390 kmph! Or the harpy eagle which is so big that it can carry large monkeys and even small goats into the sky.

While they are great hunters, they are mostly harmless to people and many people have trained them as hunting partners or pets. I hope everyone can have a chance to learn more about these awesome animals.


Thanks for reading!



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