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Carl: Something to write

It falls on me today to write a blog and I’m not sure what I should write about.

Usually, I write about holidays and their origin but I did that last year.
I could write about my nerdy hobbies but I bore you all with that during lesson time.

So, I’ve decided that since I have to think of something to write then you should too.
Some of our students used to write diaries and then bring those diaries to school and we would check them.
Writing is great way to improve your English.
You get to think about how to build the best sentences and how to express yourself in the clearest way without the pressure of someone waiting for you to speak.

A diary doesn’t have to be a thrilling novel.
You don’t need a life full of adventure to tell a story.
Just talk about your life.
Not only what you do, but about how those actions make you feel.

Tell me about the movie you went to see or the dinners with friends and family.
Talk about special events like birthdays and bonenkais.

Just tell a story and practice English as you do it.
Then when you’re finished, bring it to Globe and I (or another teacher) will check it and if we have some time, maybe we can go over it together and see how we could improve it.

So, everybody’s homework is to write a little diary entry for us and if you enjoy it, you can do it every week if you wish!



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