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Hello! I’m Nick!

Hello, everyone.  I’m Nick, the newest addition to Globe.  I’ve been asked to write an introduction about myself.  I hope after reading my story, you’ll come in and introduce yourself, too. 


I grew up in the United States of America, but I have spent one third of my life in Japan.  When I was young my family moved often; about once every 3 years.  My father tried many different occupations before setting on his career.  As a result, I lived in many different cities in several states.  Since moving to Japan in 2008, I have lived in Osaka exclusively.  I like the Kansai region the most. 


I, like my father, have had many careers and I have enjoyed a variety of experiences in my own country, as well as Japan.  Some of my previous occupations include delivery driver, knife salesman, casino manager, bartender and graphic designer.  Of course, I also have over 11 years of experience as an English teacher in Japan. 


In my free time I like to spend time outdoors.  I enjoy hiking and camping, but rarely have enough time to go very far.  I hope to explore more of Japan’s natural beauty soon.  I also like to play games, watch movies and read books.  Recently I am reading lots of science-fiction novels and nonfiction books about technology.  I like learning new skills and enjoy DIY projects. 



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