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Rahat: My Favorite Artist Level:PI~

Hello, guys. I’m Rahat. Today, I’m gonna talk about my favorite artist.

My favorite artist this time is the world-renowned guitarist Guthrie Govan.

He is a great fusion guitarist from England (just like me,) who has played in many bands. The most noteworthy bands that he has played for are bands such as “Erotic Cakes” and “the Aristocrats.”

He has been playing guitar since he was 3 years old (I know it`s crazy!!) which mainly consisted of him learning music by ear. He was offered a record deal for a demo that he made when he was 20, but he rejected the offer in-spite of being the one to initiate the deal. He famously stated that he only wanted to see if he was good enough to be a musician, that’s why he initiated the deal.

I like this guitarist a lot. One of the main reasons is his creativity with the instrument. There are many guitarists in the world, but I think that Guthrie`s approach is vastly different from most. He moves in unconventional ways up and down the fretboard. Another reason why I like him is his virtuosity, it’s very apparent that he has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into his craft, most likely practicing for extended periods of time. I think hard work is beautiful, especially in craft.

I recommend that you listen to the song “Waves” by Erotic Cakes. This utilizes a huge plethora of techniques including his unusual mastery of the sliding technique! It is both technical ad filled with emotion at the same time.




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