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Brazilian BBQ Valentine

Brazilian BBQ Valentine

Hi everyone hope you are all well, for this blog I thought I would talk about what I did to celebrate valentine’s Day. I actually decided to celebrate it on Saturday 13th as I was working on Sunday 14th. And what did I do? Well my wife and I decided to go for lunch in a Brazilian BBQ restaurant called Barbacoa. It is quite a well know restaurant that has many famous visitors that leave there signatures on a plate before they leave.

If you don’t know what a Brazilian BBQ restaurant is, it is a restaurant where the meat is brought to your table on a big skewer and carved off onto your plate. I started with, sausage, a piece of chicken and a slice of sirloin steak.

After that I enjoyed many different types of steak and meat including, black pepper steak, garlic steak, rump steak, pork loin, to name but a few. All this was followed by a selection of Brazilian deserts and ice cream, there was even a salad bar, if you like that kind of thing.

As you can imagine after lunch I was very full! So to work of some of the food we decided to go window shopping around Shinsaibashi and after a couple of hours of walking and many shops visited we returned home tired but satisfied. A good day.

Thanks for reading I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day!





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