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Carl: Tabletop games

For those of you that have met me you may have talked about table games with me already. For those that haven’t, maybe I should explain what a tabletop game is and why its my hobby.

A table game simply is any game that you can play on a table. It doesn’t need a console or a pc or a phone (usually) and consists of physical components such as dice, cards, pieces or miniature models.

There are many different types of table games covering an infinite number of themes and all have different rules and goals. Traditional games consist in every culture like Chess or Shogi. Most of you would have played some kind of table game in your life whether it be a card game like “Uno” or “Poker”, A board game like “A game of life” (Jinse game) or “Monopoly” or maybe even a dexterity game like “Jenga” Although some games are intended to be played solo the majority are intended to be Social.

A few years ago I invited a few friends over and we settled in to watch a movie but throughout the movie my friends spent a lot of time on their phones. The point of the evening was to be social so i decided i should try something else. I decided that a board game would be a lot more interactive so i found something online and it was delivered in time for their next visit.

We played the game for a few hours with no one even checking their phone, and so my new hobby was born. Since then i have bought over 150 games and often meet different groups of friends and we play these games for hours while drinking and eating snacks and chatting. A lot of games you may have played as a kid were competitive luck games like “Snakes and Ladders” “Ludo” or “A game of life”. These games usually involve

1. Roll a die
2. Move your piece
3. Consequences.

I find this style of game to be boring and prefer Co-operative strategy games. Rather than be against each other we are all a team with a goal to reach. And we discuss and plan the best way to meet this goal. Often these games are “asymmetrical” meaning that each of the players has a different skill or ability and we use these to better plan our strategy.

Many students feel that this hobby is obscure or at least rare but the tabletop industry makes about 10 billion dollars a year. And the board game weekend event in tokyo last year had over 30,000 visitors. Compared to 2,200 a few years ago. Tabletop games are a way for people to socialise at home spending time with friends or family without electronics and enjoying conversation and time together.



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